Buy now pay later with

For such a huge retailer, it is unusual that does not offer any finance options even for the purchase of more expensive goods. However there is a way to buy products from the Amazon site on “buy now pay later” terms, quite simply – buy using a credit card! Amazon accepts all major credit cards for purchasing and all you have to do is add the card to your account. Obviously it is important to use credit cards intelligently to avoid debt problems down the line, but if used properly you can buy items from Amazon with nothing to pay for at least a month, possibly a lot longer, thanks to credit card offers. The simplest way to do this is with the MasterCard which you can get by applying online at the Amazon site (even though the MasterCard is issued by MBNA Europe Bank Limited which is a Bank of America company).

With the MasterCard you get 0% for up to 13 months on all purchases of individual items of £300 at, in addition you earn Amazon loyalty points for every purchase which can be converted into Amazon gift certificates, 3 Loyalty Points for every £1 spent on card purchases made in the first 90 days, then 2 Loyalty Points thereafter for every £1 spent (plus 1 Loyalty Point for every £1 spent at other retailers). 1,000 Loyalty Points are worth £10 and when you reach 1000 points you wil be automatically emailed a £10 Gift Certificate, in addition as soon as you are approved for an MasterCard, a £5 Gift Certificate will be loaded into your account immediately.

The representative interest payable after the 13 months introductory period is 16.9% APR based on a credit limit of £1200, in real world terms this would mean that for example if you purchased an item for £500 and made payments of £40 per month the total repaid would be £549, so a £49 cost for around 13 months credit. I addition you can also transfer balances to the MasterCard with 0% for up to 13 months for balances transferred within the first 60 days of your account opening.

You can of course use any credit card to purchase Amazon products to “buy now pay later” from, but with other cards the interest rate will vary from the rates mentioned above and of course you will not qualify for the MasterCard Rewards Programme points if purchasing using another card.