Pay Monthly Catalogues

Pay monthly catalogues are an option that people utilize when they need a product but do not have all of the money to pay for it at once. Most pay monthly catalogues require potential customers to undergo a credit check yet there are a few such as Pay Weekly Store that accept their customers with no credit check but have other criteria’s that they must meet.

What Can Be Purchased via Pay Monthly Catalogues
When it comes to pay monthly catalogues you can basically get anything that you want on credit if you are approved for the program via the catalogue. Customers have been able to get sofas, wardrobes, iPads, and so much more depending on the catalogue that they shop with. Usually, when dealing with a pay monthly catalogue approved individuals are going to be given a certain credit amount and can get anything they want on credit as long as they stay within their approved credit amount limit.

The Benefits
When it comes to pay monthly catalogues there are quite a few benefits that come along with them. First, they allow their customers to be able to get what they need when they need it without having to pay the entire amount of the purchase up front. Second, if you are doing business with one of the pay monthly catalogues such as Littlewoods that requires their customers to undergo a credit check you will receive the added benefit of having your payments reported to the credit reporting agencies which if they are made on time with affect your credit rating in a positive manner.

The Drawbacks
The drawbacks of pay monthly catalogues are very few but there are some. First, if for some reason you cannot make your monthly payment on time and have dealt with one of the pay monthly catalogues that requires a credit check they will report your missed payments to the major credit reporting agencies which will consequently affect your credit report negatively. Second, if you miss multiple payments you will have to return the items that have not been completely paid off and you will not have the money that you have invested into them returned either.

Overall, pay monthly catalogues are a great thing. However, you should never try to take advantage of them or it could end up leading you to incurring a mountain of debt while also damaging your credit store. If used wisely, however, they can make your life a whole lot easier.