Pay Weekly on Sony Headphones

Everyone believes that music has immense power to pacify and please. Are you one of those people that want their music with them wherever they go? Do you love the idea of shutting out the irksome sounds of traffic, construction and other noise pollution? Well, what you are looking for is the perfect set of headphones.

Very, a reputed online UK retail store, brings you a wide collection of headphones from brands like Sony, iLuv, Skullcandy and even the coveted Beats by Dr. Dre. Starting at £10-£15, branded headphones can cost anything up to £300! An exorbitant amount like that is taxing on most people, which is why Very has come up with Pay Monthly credit schemes.

Under Pay Monthly plans from Very, you can choose how much you want to pay each month, as long as you meet the minimum payment of £5 (7% of your total amount, whichever is greater). If you pay off your entire purchase within 3 months, you go completely interest-free! This means that a best-selling pair of Sony Wireless Headphones can be yours at around £10 per month. If you wish to spread the cost further, you can opt for the “Buy Now Pay Later” scheme or the long-term monthly schemes. That way, your payment can stretch as far as you like, as long as you meet the interest payments.